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RailSync® Command: Oversee terminal, yard and train operations


RailSync® Command is a comprehensive transportation management system which manages local and interline rail activity and provides complete control over customer service administration. Designed exclusively for the needs of Short Line and Regional railroads, RailSync Command manages several key railroad functions such as: Equipment Movement and Inventory, Waybills, Switching, Demurrage, Financials and Reports. 

As a cloud-based solution, Command provides real-time 24/7 access from any internet connection. You can minimize training time and product implementation effort with the easy-to-use and robust interface, manage multiple railroads during a single online session, manage the operation of terminals, yards and trains with full EDI support for Bills Of Lading, waybills, advance consists and related error processing, validate data, edit inputs, standardize interline reporting, and take advantage of ShipXpress' free full-service Customer Support Center available at any time.                                                                                 
  • Eliminate errors using Railinc’s Industry Reference Files (IRF)
  • Efficiently manage train operations through scheduling and reporting
  • Collaborate seamlessly with online customers
  • Automate customer releases, receive switch requests electronically 
  • Create work orders that sync directly to crews mobile interface
  • Multi-task easily with unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Access multiple railroads with one login 
  • Effectively manage all settlements such as: junction settlement, switch, haulage, reciprocal switching
  • Manage and invoice all customer assessorial charges (including demurrage, storage, detention)
  • Manage all patron information in one separate module
  • Easily access and maintain historical activity logs


  • Manage all EDI messaging within one application including 404, 417, 418, 419, 420 
  • Automate all applicable charge and waybill information using 
  • Repetitive Waybill Codes (RWC) and rules engines 
  • Automatically generate, create and print switch lists in 8 formats 
  • Interchange cars based on AEI reads and automate online car movements
  • Create detailed reports for car movements, online inventory, traffic by patron


Melissa Smith, Chief Dispatcher at the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad, discusses the implementation of ShipXpress' Railsync: COMMAND & CONVERGE. Ms. Smith highlights key advantages of COMMAND and CONVERGE, including ease of use and customer-oriented automation.

Lori Ransom, General Super-intendent of the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, discusses her system's transition to ShipXpress' Railsync COMMAND. Using COMMAND (CMD), The D-L Railroad easily manages rail operations and rail financial transactions. Ms. Ransom notes two key advantages: having the railcars "at her fingertips" and ShipXpress' immediate-response customer service.

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