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In this brief testimonial, Kelly Blair, Director of Transportation and Logistics at GPRE, describes the successful integration and implementation of the entire ShipX PORTAL at Green Plains Inc., a prominent ethanol production, marketing and commodities company. He calls for future adoption of the ShipX PORTAL as an industry standard. 


Joe Tearney, Traffic Specialist at Growmark, Inc., speaks on the benefits of switching to ShipX RATES. Growmark, a supplier of agriculture equipment, uses ShipX RATES to analyze rates, reduce costs, gain competitive intelligence, and win business through smarter pricing decisions. In this clip, Mr. Tearney highlights ShipXpress' efficient customer sevice as a key advantage.

 Susan Barker, a Gavilon employee, illustrates the integration of ShipX TRAX with her own system. Gavilon, an agribusiness and commodity management firm, uses TRAX to track, trace and proactively monitor their rail freight shipments.