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ShipX® Portal: Integrated Logistics


ShipX® Portal is an all-inclusive, collaborative and vast software system designed to meet the supply chain needs of businesses in all types of industries including Oil & Gas, Metals, Agribusiness, Wood, Frac Sand, Chemicals and Transportation (Railroads). Portal can be deployed either as a complete solution including commodities contract management, the ShipX® (the ShipX® suite of solutions) and TMS+ or in modules relevant to your specific needs. Portal creates collaborative networks by providing solutions that add value to all participants within an industry – to view how Portal caters to individual industries, click on the buttons below.

Electronically process your operations with ShipX® Mobile App
The ShipX® Mobile App, is an all-inclusive mobile application which is linked to ShipX® Portal. It is architecturally designed for efficient multi-party collaboration and electronic processing, and is also accessible and modifiable in real-time. In addition to electronic processing, the application can be linked to a mobile printers which provides an instant hard-copy of the relevant documents. We also allow any type of mobile device to be used with this application, whereas many other options require use of a specific device. Improve your efficiencies, processes and workforce procedures by conducting your operations anywhere, anytime.

ShipX® Portal establishes and improves transparency and collaboration within contracting and shipment instruction processes. It is architecturally designed for efficient multi-party collaboration: it’s cloud-based, web-based, 100% Java-run, accessible and modifiable in real-time.


  • Easily customized for any industry
  • Creates efficiencies by making it easy to collaborate internally
  • Provides value for all parties in the supply chain and across industry verticals
  • Evaluates logistics cost options via multiple routes and mode
  • Updates in real-time
  • Calculates potential netbacks to the plant
  • Monitors entire shipment life cycle from planning to execution
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface reduces learning curve
  • All sensitive data is encrypted and access limited
  • Highly flexible reporting and analysis
  • Counterparty confirmation
  • Easy to generate, cancel or divert shipments
  • Liaise with product managers who will improve the product based on your input


  • Real-time dashboards
  • Nominations/delivery scheduling
  • Suppliers project inventory, commitments over contract period
  • Suppliers tender truck shipments to truckers, set appointments
  • Suppliers interface with software at loading/unloading stations and gain real-time visibility
  • Truck carriers manage rates for each customer, gather metrics on loads offered and accepted
  • Truck carriers accept loads through preferred method: web, email and/or text
  • Transload terminals view on-hand and in-transit inventory vs. outbound shipments
  • Transload terminals manage detention and demurrage, set appointments
  • Contract management
  • Database of U.S locations
  • Shipment schedule management
  • eBOL for rail
  • Freight accruals & payment authorization
  • Accounting application interface
  • 90-day fleet view
  • Contract compliance reporting
  • Interface for loading scales
  • Transload management
  • Create/confirm contracts
  • Eliminate errors using pick lists for scheduling shipments
  • Carrier tendering: accept/reject tendered loads
  • Freight rates for trucks (origin to destination)
  • Manage delivered price by combining freight and FOB price
  • Plant performance details by region/transport mode
  • View valuable commercial metrics
  • Freight cost analysis