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ShipX® Rates: Manage Revenue and Costs


ShipX® Rates maintains rates, surcharge and routing information in a secure database so that shippers or their carriers can evaluate multi-modal sourcing options, minimize costs and maximize returns for each shipment.

ShipX® Rates allows you to access all freight cost options across multiple modes in one centralized system for quick decision making. Obtain the best sourcing options and reduce freight transportation costs with ShipX Rates. Save time and increase accuracy with ShipXpress experts who maintain rates, assessorial and fuel surcharges, and use IRFs to validate routes.

“We have been able to stay on top of a dynamic commodity market and evaluate our competitive position with ShipX Rates. We can now immediately figure out the best netbacks to our plants and quickly capitalize on trading opportunities ”  – a leading ethanol marketer


  • Instantly view all applicable freight options 
  • Save time researching rail serving status and switch charges 
  • Ready access to details behind rates
  • See results in your preferred units of measure
  • Empower sales via mobile access
  • Choose the best source and evaluate competitive positions
  • Notification of rate changes


  • Rail, truck, barge and warehouse combinations 
  • Retain product prices and margins at plant and warehouse locations
  • Maintain switch charges, absorbed switch amounts and transfer costs by location and connecting carrier
  • Filter relevant ODs and routes and validate with industry reference files
  • Accruals, invoice match and approvals to pay
  • Maintenance of fuel surcharges
  • Ability to create invoices

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