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ShipX® Trax: Track Rail Shipments


ShipX® Trax is a rail freight management solution that tracks, traces and proactively monitors shipments. Trax provides superior data for railcars and inventory-in-motion, creating a secure platform for shippers.

Trax allows buyers viewing access, letting them see in-transit commodities across multiple carriers. It provides shippers with real-time visibility and information of all railcar shipments across multiple Class I and short line railroads throughout North America.

“We chose Trax for its unique features that allow collaboration across many layers and because it’s the #1 rated service to forecast arrival times. ” – A leading supplier of industrial explosives and blasting services


  • Foresee costly delivery delays ahead of time 
  • Manage by exception using alerts 
  • Track key KPIs, cycle, dwell and transit times
  • Access all historical records with comments
  • Manage unit trains and stragglers
  • Maintain lease contracts, fleet status, and UMLER information 
  • Stay on top of demurrage and detention expenses
  • Enhance data visualization of operations via Business Intelligence 


  • Universal web access, PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Dynamic proprietary ETA process
  • 24/7 support via email, phone and online chat 
  • Intuitive report scheduler and manager
  • Dashboards for customized KPI’s 
  • Quick integration with your ERP/Accounting System

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