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ShipXpress User Group Meeting 2016

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User Group Meeting (UGM) is undoubtedly the company’s most anticipated event. This year, 50+ customers from the agriculture, chemicals, aggregates, and other industries, as well as employees of the company, got together from March 21st to 23rd 2016, for three exciting days of activities and workshops at the picturesque and relaxing, One Ocean Resort in Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA.

The folks at ShipXpress sure do work hard, but they have just as much fun. The event started with a cocktail reception on Sunday night before the meetings began.

UGM is an event where the ShipXpress team plans informative and insightful sessions to discuss everything from reviews of the past year's enhancements, current features, and the future product road map to individual product discussions, to customer satisfaction survey results etc.

The event was kicked off with a welcome speech from CEO Charith Perera, who gave a brief rundown of the history of the company. He described how ShipXpress enables customers that are involved in product storage, transloading, and even commodity sale contract providers, to efficiently manage their supply chain processes.

“ShipXpress has evolved from a company that started out solely tracking railcars in the year 2000 to a complete supply chain portal solutions provider. The company’s software solutions are utilized by commodity transporters, producers, receivers, and carriers who use rail, truck, and barge to transport their products across North America,” said Charith.

During the event, customers were introduced to the entire team including Product Directors and Account Managers. An interactive Collaboration Station was also prepared to enable attendees to write down ideas and potential product enhancements they'd like to see and discussed.

Workshops, product presentations, and one-on-one sessions were conducted by splitting the group into two sections - ShipX and RailSync. Many attendees from varying industries, including industrial shippers and shortline railroads, were able to network with each other.

Charith continued, “We offer a unique solution for commodity shippers which incorporates customized Portals with all their trading partners. This enables them to nominate against their supply contracts and a carrier Portal that lets carriers see their cargo loads and performance. Customers then have the ability to easily manage inventory projections in real-time through any environment.”

Some customers shared their experiences using the company’s products which enabled them to efficiently save money when it comes to bulk supply chain processes. Brian Shipley, Engineering Manager of Ryder Supply Chain Management & Solutions / Oil and Gas, made a presentation of how they utilize ShipXpress products to streamline operations while guaranteeing savings to their customers.

Even though it was a hectic week for everyone at One Ocean Resort & Spa, everybody thoroughly enjoyed UGM 2016. It was a great learning experience for the ShipXpress team to meet their customers as well as providing the perfect opportunity for users to meet with the ShipXpress staff and industry experts to discuss key issues and challenges that ShipXpress products can help address.

“The turnout was better than expected and I was very glad to see so many familiar faces who’ve been onboard with ShipXpress for a number of years now. We captured a lot of ideas and input during the training and guidance sessions and this information will help us make our products perform even better in varying industries and environments. Many attendees appreciated the knowledge gained by personally interacting with the teams behind the products and I hope that next year’s event will be as great as it was this year,” concluded Charith.

The ShipXpress team would like to give a big “Thank You!” to everyone who attended this year’s event and to everyone who helped out. The company is now busy once again gearing up for the year ahead!

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