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Leading Ethanol Producer & Marketer to use ShipXpress’ Railcar Inspection App

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NEPTUNE BEACH, FL – August 4th, 2015 – ShipXpress Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based supply chain software collaborated with a leading ethanol producer and marketer to produce a mobile railcar inspection application for railroads and shippers. The application provides automatic notifications to improve work flow when cars are identified needing repair, cleaning, etc. 

The railcar inspection application replaces outdated paper inspection sheets and can be deployed on Android and iOS devices. Railroads can perform inbound inspections at interchange, and notify connecting carriers with pictures. Shippers can inspect empty cars prior to acceptance. Inspection can be easily configured to support FRA required pre and post load inspections, FDA required inspections, or to record inspection tasks and archive railcar profile data to reduce unpaid customer damage.

The app integrates with other ShipXpress modules including Trax, to automatically populate cars for inspection, and Shop, to make checklists to schedule repairs. Furthermore, it works in line with Command and Mobile Command to inspect cars prior to accepting them, thereby automating the paperwork and communication otherwise required with the connecting carrier.

Charith Perera, the CEO of ShipXpress, said: “We are fortunate to have customers like this who collaborate with us to develop new applications that increase the value we create for customers. The mobile inspection application will have wide use across all of our shippers and railroad customers and we are ecstatic to add it to our range of solutions.”

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