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Sand and Gravel


Sand and gravel are high-volume, low-value commodities that are necessary elements across various industries. They have myriad applications both together and separately, from forming construction aggregates to de-icing roads as a salt alternative.

Given the multitude of end-uses that call upon sand and gravel, you need full visibility of your supply chain to ensure that your shipment goes where it needs to go with minimum wastage and error.

From the quarry and the pit to the processing and sorting facility through to the final client depot, our software solutions offer a broad view of your transport operations. Stay on target and keep track of your truck shipments and your bottom-dump and gondola railcar loads through our advanced and intuitive Sand and Gravel Portal.


  • One platform – multiple collaborators down the supply chain
  • Improve transparency – complete supply chain visbility
  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize returns
  • Instant cancellations and new order adjustments
  • Reduce detention charges and dwell times
  • Complete visibility over transload points
  • Advanced data analytics for sophisticated business modeling


  • Up-to- date dynamic visibility on all sand & gravel shipments through rail, truck, and barge
  • Live shipment yard inventory tracking and disbursement of various sand and gravel mixtures
  • Mobile alerts on shipment movements from quarry/pit to end-customer
  • Automated eBOL creation and confirmation through email
  • Instant demurrage and detention calculations
  • Management of contracts and nominations
  • In-depth rates database for route calculations
  • Monitor secure permissions and user controls
  • Sophisticated data analytics tool for business modeling

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