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Find out how Growmark improved their rail rates management system with ShipX Rates. Their warehouse and customer base was expanding, which in turn was increasing the number of origin-destination rates that needed maintenance. For years, they were using an in-house solution that had served their needs but due to the growth in their business, they needed a better option. They needed to budget for an in-house solution and additional staffing to assist in manual entry of rail rates into their system or find a software solution provider that met their requirements.




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Noble Mansfield

Noble Mansfield required an efficient solution to track and ship railcars. Check out how they did it with the ShipX Ethanol Portal. It was important for them to have accurate data in relation to the movement of their rail cars, including their current locations and a historical database of past locations. This information was needed for to convey to their customers in a timely and efficient on request. They also needed to create automated BOLs and required assistance in transmitting EDI’s to various railroads they collaborated with. They were initially utilizing a software to track the movements of their railcar fleet but said this software was not able to display historic data that went past a certain period.


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Kelly Blair, Director of Transportation and Logistics at Green Plains Renewable Energy, describes the implementation of the ShipX PORTAL at GPRE. He describes the PORTAL as an intuitive, easy-to-use alternative to GPRE's former system. Mr. Blair calls for the adoption of the PORTAL as an industry standard. He notes the PORTAL's ability to drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain, and cites the number of man-hours cut. 



Susan Barker, Transportation Analyst at Gavilon, talks about her user experience with ShipX TRAX, ShipXpress' rail tracking and management software for producers and shippers. In terms of benefits, Ms. Barker cites the convenient "one-stop-shop" nature of TRAX' suite of rail solutions, as well the ability to save time, drive efficiencies in her supply chain, and root out data errors from the ground up.


Joe Tearney, Traffic Specialist at Growmark, Inc., describes improvements in his supply chain system as implemented by ShipX RATES, a software solution for managing rail rates. He notes the speed with which his IT department is now able to access rates information via ShipXpress. He notes that all issues and concerns are addressed by ShipXpress staff within 24 hours. Mr. Tearney adds that RATES allows Growmark to acquire new business. 



David Bertram, VP of Transportation at Poet Nutrition, explains how ShipX TRAX has driven efficiencies within his company. Poet Nutrition has used TRAX in order to build a new foundation for an automated data system. He notes that the transition to this system has been made 'seamless' with the help of ShipXpress staff, stating his biggest benefit as the ability of his own staff to do more work in less time. Mr. Bertram lauds ShipXpress for having "the best package", and reccommends ShipX services to other companies in need of a fleet management system.